37 Dundas Street East Napanee, Ontario

Our Breads

No fillers, no preservatives, no improvers.
Just basic quality ingredients and skill and passion for the craft.

We get up early every morning to make our scratch White, Whole Wheat, Cheese, Cherry and Fruit Breads. Those are our core and staple loaves.

Have something you’d like to see us carry? Or a special order?
Give us a call. We love trying new things.

Flour Power. We gots it.

Breakfast, Lunch & Savouries


Join us to start your day! Whether it’s take out or you’re staying with us, we can get your day started right.

We carry organic, fair trade coffee and a selection of regular and herbal teas.

From Cheddar Cheese and Blueberry Scones; Chocolate, Plain and Cheese Croissants; Gluten Free Chocolate Chip and Blueberry Muffins and let’s not forget our famous Apple Fritters (Famous for a REASON!!) – we’ve got your breakfast right here.

Office Orders available for pick up from 7:00 am.

Are any of our scratch made breads available on toast, you ask? Well, yes, as a matter of fact. Join us for Tea or Coffee and Toast at any time. We’re always up for that!


Ready for your mid-day break? (Whenever your mid-day is!!!)

From our English Banger sausage rolls in a puff pastry to those awesome sandwiches on fresh baked bread that you remember from Len’s. Like, guess who taught us the secret, right??!!?

And THAT, right there, THAT, is how traditions are made and continued. And we’re pretty proud of that. Thanks Marg and Len.

Platters & Catering

Sandwich & Croissant Platters

For conferences, meetings, showers or just friends and family getting together, we make our fabulous sandwiches on our just baked bread and croissants.

We do small intimate groups to medium sized meetings to large gatherings and use only the freshest quality ingredients. And did we mention we only use our fresh baked bread?!?

Prices vary by platter size and your requirements. Call us at 613-354-6366 to discuss your needs.

Dessert Trays

No matter your favourite, from our butter tarts (with AND without raisins!!) to our Metropolitans to our legendary Brownies (no, really, they are) to loaves and squares and everything in between – our dessert trays and platters are available for functions. Size does not matter here.

Call us to discuss your requirements: 613-354-6366


The Dundas Street bakery is justifiably famous for our scratch donuts.

From our legendary “Fingers” to our Fritters to our Chocolate Dipped and Glazed and Jellies and Cinnamon Twists and Cinnamon Knots and … well you get the idea.

But hey, don’t take our word for it … just ask anyone.

And YES!!!! WE DO!!! For weddings and receptions or anytime folks gather, we can deliver our famous scratch made donuts. And, yes, we can customize colours and toppings.

Cakes & Cupcakes

Only. From. Scratch.

Hey, if it’s worth doing – it’s worth doing right.

We offer custom cakes and cupcakes for any Special Occasions or Just Because. Call us today to place your order!

Check out our cake options and see some of our beautiful creations here!

Gluten Friendly

The Dundas Street Bakery is delighted to offer a wide range of awesome gluten free items.

From brownies to cupcakes to cookies to muffins (try the blueberry!) and of course, our rustic bread loaves – we have a wonderful assortment of in-house items. We also offer a cauliflower pizza crust!

And if it’s a gluten free cake you’re looking for … just let us know! We would be happy to make one to your specifications.


The Dundas Street Bakery also has a selection of vegan items. We always have vegan peanut butter cookies and our vegan donuts are fabulous. (Also available for pre order and pick up!!) We also have vegan bread and other options depending on the day!! Always feel free to call and ask what’s bakin’!!!

Lactose Free

We understand how tough it can be if lactose tolerance is an issue. Our gluten-free bread is also vegan and lactose free. We have a selection of lactose free cookies and other items that we can detail for you. Just ask!!


Yes! We do KETO! We have a variety of Keto products in store and are always working on delicious offerings!! On a regular basis, we carry KETO Bread, KETO Brownies, KETO Cinnamon Cream Cheese Bombs and even KETO Gummie Bears!!!